Weekly - Monthly Outlook

Weekly Outlook, 6-10 Dec. 2021

Inflation and Omicron! Market analyst – IFC Markets Uncertainty of the impact from the Omicron variant will dominate the market sentiment in the week ahead, however, the central banks’ monetary policy meeting and inflation data from US and China also must be followed closely. Last week, despite the fewer created jobs, the unemployment rate fell to […]Read More


Mixed data and mixed market, what next?

Why do leading indices increase and sharply fall? Market analyst – IFC Markets Today, and after NFP numbers, the market had a mixed reaction and even antithetic, why so? Let’s first review the data.  It was not just about non-farm payroll, we other data as well, including had average earnings, unemployment rates, factory orders, and purchasing […]Read More


Silver and market prospects

Which will breach? Support or Resistance? Market analyst – Revolution FX Silver has strong support at $22.30 and strong resistance at $22.80. Today and after stronger US employment numbers, DXY found the support to rebound above the 96 mark. As the better employment data will lead the policymakers to have more hawkish decisions and end the […]Read More


US employment Overview 

Waiting for Jobless claims and NFP after ADP Market analyst – Revolution FX In October, the news created jobs increased by 531K and yesterday’s ADP numbers also were better than expected. Now for a better understanding of the US labor market situation, we need to wait for today’s initial jobless claims and tomorrow’s Nonfarm payroll employment […]Read More


Powell lifted the Risk and USD together!

DXY above 60, can it hold?  USD index still above 96, after sharp increasing to 96.65 and falling back to 96.82. Today again Mr. Powell will continue his testimony before the US House Committee on Financial Services, while PMI data and ADP Employment Change will be at the center of attention.  During testifying before the […]Read More


Omicron and Euro! next target?

U.S. 10 Year Treasury yields at 1.43% Market analyst – IFC Markets “Moderna’s CEO: COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to be as effective against the Omicron variant as they have been with other types.”  This comment was enough to erase the earlier positive sentiment in the market. Despite all reactions in the market, we have to watch […]Read More

Daily Market Review

Testimony Day and UK new tax law! 

How dangerous is Omicron? Market analyst – IFC Markets Friday we saw the black Friday’s discount in the Stock Markets as well, as the strongest ever Coronavirus brought back the risks into the markets.  So far and as we know, the latest mutant strain Omicron (Omicron) is more contagious and may even have the ability to […]Read More

Weekly - Monthly Outlook

Weekly Outlook, 26 Nov. – 3 Dec. 

Covid-19, NFP & Powell!  Market analyst – IFC Markets The week ahead will be a heavy data week from most developed economies, including US employment data and FED Chair Powell testimony. However, all these data and their reaction will be affected by Coronavirus news, as the latest variant in South Africa caused a free-fall across the […]Read More


Coronavirus new variants and markets’ reaction! 

Shortened day and Financial markets!  Market analyst – IFC Markets The news about the latest coronavirus variants changed all financial outlooks. Market risk increasing and this is why we can see this drop here.  Stock Markets suffered their sharpest drop in the past two months so far in all Asian, European, and US futures, to send […]Read More


US Personal Income and Spending

How it can affect the markets? Market analyst – IFC Markets The PCE price index is a measure of the cost that people pay to live in the United States, pay for goods and services. The PCE price index is known for capturing the US inflation or deflation, and it is the preferred US FED measure […]Read More