Education & consulting Ultimate Package


  1. Analysis of your closed position Weekly base and send you a written version of your negative and positive sides of your trades with solutions and how to make it better by the Trade Pro Skills analysis department.
  2. Twice consulting per week about your requested Symbols, each time 45 minutes, market analyzing and consulting one – one with Mr. Ahura Chalki, Zero Spread CEO and HotForex Market Analysis
  3. Online courses by Mr. Ahura Chalki for Trading Skills and Strategies, twice a week for 60 minutes (Advance and Beginner)
  4. Skype call consulting in the special needed time, 3 times a week, each 10 minutes


How to get this package

  1. Invest +3,000 USD in your own trading account with HotForex and contact us to manage it. 
  2. Buy the package just with 299 USD per month! 

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