USOil and coming volatility days!

Ahura Chalki Market Analyst – HotForex Later today and tomorrow evening by EU time, we will have API and EIA

What about copper?

Oil and Loonie hand-in-hand to fresh

Stocks & Indices

Stocks & Indices

Budget 2021, COVID made it much

Sunak was the happiest! By: Ahura Chalki As usual in the UK, yearly budget, each year provided by the Chancellor

Clear Example of the American dream

Good US Income, Spending & Savings


Thunder- Johnson launches UK assets

Boris Johnson won decisive majority in the UK election. The Conservatives have already won an overall majority with the Conservatives currently at 641 seats – up 47 from the last election – while Labour is at just 203. With 648 of the 650 House of Commons seats declared, the Conservatives have

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